Resident Senior Fellow


Sourabh Gupta is a senior Asia-Pacific international relations policy specialist with 15 years of Washington, D.C.-based experience in a think-tank and political risk research and advisory capacity.

His areas of specialization include: analysis of key major power relationships in the Asia-Pacific region (China-U.S, China-Japan, China-India, U.S.-Japan, U.S.-India, Japan-India relations); political, security, and economic risk evaluation of key states in the Asia-Pacific region; territorial disputes and maritime law-related developments in the Asia-Pacific region; and analysis of developments in Asian economic regionalism, and World Trade Organization and Asia-Pacific-related trade policy, politics and negotiations.

He is a member of the United States Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific (USCSCAP) and was a 2012 East Asia Forum Distinguished Fellow. Prior to joining ICAS, he was a Senior Research Associate at Samuels International Associates, Inc, a diversified international consulting firm specializing in government relations, business, and trade and investment matters.

He holds master’s degrees in international security studies and international relations from Georgetown University and Syracuse University, respectively, and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Mumbai.